A downloadable game for Windows

A tough-as-balls platformer where you can jump too much.

Depending on the unique challenge of each level, you'll have a different amount of midair jumps you can use. Double jump! Triple jump! Quadruple jump! When does this madness end?

This is the alpha build of the game, so there are only 12 short levels. I've been developing this as a hobby since November 2018. "Utter Hell" won't be the name of the full game; it's more of a code name for now.

Please consider leaving feedback, as it will be useful in development of the full game.


Install instructions

Unzip Utter Hell.zip then run Utter Hell.exe.


Utter Hell.zip 18 MB

Development log


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Great game but a few tweaks

  • I think it would be better if the beep for instructions was only played once as it can get annoying if stuck on a level.
  • This may just be me but i thought that the animations were a bit quick as i felt that i had little time to react (especially when wall jumping) however i did get used to it by the end. 

I'm sorry I didn't see this earlier; I thought I'd get email notifications for comments on here.

I'll implement that instructions beep problem. But could you elaborate on your second point more please? Do you just mean that the movement itself is too fast? There's no actual animation for walljumping, because it's just one sprite you change to.

Anyway, thanks for playing. Did you make it to the end?